Wereldrecord niet gehaald!

We kregen bericht van het guinnes boek of world records! (ons kleed was bij lange na niet zo groot, maar wel gebreid en niet gewoven! Helaas... maar we hebben veel plezier beleefd bij het maken samen!

Thank you for your application to attempt the record for ‘Largest knitted picnic blanket'. 
Your proposal is very similar to an existing record that we already monitor. The category that Guinness World Records currently recognises is: Largest picnic blanket. 
The current record (current as at the date of this letter) is: The largest picnic blanket measured 1,760 m² (18,944.41 ft²); it was woven at the Melin Tregwynt Mill in Wales, UK, for Waitrose Ltd and was laid out for the first time in Durban, South Africa, in April 2008
Meer over onze poging: wereldrecord picknickkleed breien

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