Dancing Knitters

We zijn gespot door een blogger, al breiend en dansend bij Toko MC deze donderdag.

De muziek was erg aanstekelijk inderdaad, beetje hard wel ; )

“I thought it could have been a gay night tonight when we started seeing all of these men show up! We didn’t know it was kind of night it was going to be…we never really know what kind of night it will be! We just show up because it’s our local. For us knitting is craft, it’s meditative and social. So we let all of this go on around us and just enjoy it”

As I left an hour later, the first dancers to the music from the legendary Detroit house label were the knitters…It didn’t matter to them if was THE night to be at, or if it was full of Amsterdam hipsters. It was their local, and they claimed it for themselves.

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